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About us

Welcome To Everest Blade

Welcome to Everest Blade, your source for authentic hand-made kukris, knives, and cutting tools.

 Here at Everest Blade, all of our products are hand-made in Nepal by well-experienced Bishwakarmas (traditional kukri makers or kaami), using only the best, high-quality materials, and using traditional methods and hand tools.

Both Quality and Quantity are characteristics of our overall operation.  The quality of our product is second to none, and is equally well-suited for hard work in hostile environments, or for display and heirloom inheritance.

 We also work with those who want to design and build a custom knife, or we can customize an existing blade model from our catalog, to meet a customer’s needs and desires.

Please feel free to look at what we can offer you in terms of a high-quality, affordable and hand-forged kukri or knife.